tisdag 17 april 2012


S70-3 Barstool
The year was 1968 and youth culture moved into the home. As did Lammhults. From their previous focus mainly on the public market the company now launched the S70 collection: bed, coat-hanger, wastepaper basket, stool, even a ping-pong table. And along with that a barstool that with it’s sturdy tubular steel base and colourful seats echoed precisely the cheeky tone of the time. A smash hit. Both in Sweden and abroad. Despite the fact that public purchasers still made up the majority – the prison authorities in particular, unlike other furniture the S70-3 stood up to the thuggish treatment. The name of the piece derives of course from the Bauhaus-inspired profile of the chromium base. And the fact that Lammhults had an eye to the seventies.   

And to the 21st century as it turned out.

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Design: Börge Lindau & Bo Linderkrantz

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